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My rates vary depending on how I’m engaged. I’m not the cheapest marketing solution. If you are looking for a ‘run of the mill’ marketing person to put boring blog posts out that no one will read; I’m not your man. My value to businesses lies in top line strategies that with excellent execution. I’m great value to businesses that need these services because I save so much time (hence money) in getting great projects live.

You can hire me in 3 different ways depending on your needs. Each method of engagement has a different rate. I would be happy to discuss my rates over the phone. Please call me on 040 408 8583.


When a client needs a projects such as website, landing page, digital campaign, video etc they are quoted per job. The quote is an estimated number of hours at a project rate determined by the nature of the work. It’s very hard to get the amount of time exactly correct. If the hours run above the quote the client has the option to finish up or continue with a new quote for the remaining work.

Payment terms invoiced at 50% at the start and 50% on completion. Please read the terms and conditions for a complete picture.


An rate is negotiated for ongoing work depending on the nature of the work to be done. A contract is written with the outline of the tasks and goals to be achieved over the period. Ongoing work is defined as regular scheduled hours over more than a 12 month period.

Most clients find I save them money over standard marketing consultants because they don’t have to outsource creative work to 3rd parties. Creative work requires a lot of oversight and you end up paying for two bills. When they need small jobs done, I have all the creative assets and alterations are fast and painless.


You hire me for a certain amount of hours with no strings attached. You get a strategist, marketer, print and web designer, photographer and videographer with equipment. Most agencies rates start at $250 plus charge a retainer for at least 12 months. I’m usually engaged on a casual basis when I’ve completed a project and it might need alterations or for small work.

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