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Internationally Experienced

I’ve worked in the advertising industry for over 20 years in Europe and Australia. My roles in agencies involved branding strategy, creative production and direct marketing. Major brands in Australia include Woolworths, Virgin, Samsung, Uncle Toby’s and Nespresso.

Working as a consultant allows me to work with smaller companies with passionate business owners that provide great products and services. Companies that can’t afford an advertising agency or full time marketing role but need strategic marketing and creative production to grow their businesses.

Unique Value

Marketing consultants aren’t creative and don’t understand production. Usually they’re more like copywriters. They will subcontract the bulk of the work on a website, catalogue or video out the 3rd parties. This makes the projects more expensive, time consuming and, most of the time, lower quality. My clients benefit from my ability to take their marketing project from start to finish across strategy to creative ideas and then execution. All to world class standards. They need a partner who can conceive, plan and execute marketing projects with the minimum of fuss.

Look through the projects below across print, digital, online and television. Hiring me is like getting an agency without the huge bill. If you need to generate more leads and sales; if you’re looking for a trusted, reliable and inventive marketing partner, please give me a call on 0404 088583.

Creative Marketing Solutions – Print, Digital, Online and Television

All the projects below are the end products of a strategic marketing process. I have creatively supervised all projects, most I have conceived, written, designed and/or directed. Click through to see the details of the client and project. You can sort them clicking on the categories below to make it easier to find what you’re looking for or just scan through the lot. Just hover over the image to get the client and what type of project. Click clients to see all the companies I’ve worked for as a consultant.